"In March 2014 we paid the transportation costs of 9 educators from different Mayan Seed Capomo harvesting communities across Mexico to attend a conference at the University of Cuernavaca to bring awareness of their land rights, establish a fair price and quality assurance for their crop. Actively taking action with our partners and scientist around the world to better the lives of the people who make our products is written into our mission statement and is our PROMISE." 

 - Hus and Carly, Founders of Between Friends Roasting Co.


Between Friends Roasting Company is a family-owned, customer-centered business focused on sustainable practices. Whether hiking in an Illinois forest preserve, backpacking the rugged back country of Utah or camping along a trout stream, our family motto is “leave nature better than you found it.”  Between Friends promises to deliver quality products while protecting our earth. That is why we do our best to source products that are organic, fair trade and delivered in backyard compostable bags. 

Husein and Carly are the people behind Between Friends. We first met as public school teachers in Oakland, California, and spent our second date sipping coffee at the Day of the Dead Café, where we became regulars.  It was on that second date that Hus admitted he wanted to open a café someday and we brainstormed names for the coffee shop of our dreams.


¡Viva Mexico!

Fast forward six years. We taught school in Philadelphia and then Mexico.  While working at Costa Verde International School in Sayulita, Mexico, we visited farms to sample coffee raised by small growers who had little exposure beyond local markets. From these trips we developed a deeper appreciation for the coffee and the people who work the bean from harvest to cup.  

Carly is an obsessive coffee drinker who as a teenager worked as a barista on Philadelphia’s Main Line. Hus’s love for coffee was born in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, where he picked coffee alongside locals during a service trip to build a school.   And, of course, drank a lot of great coffee.   




When Hus invited Dona Rosa of Brosimum Conservacion y Cultura to talk to his science class about historically important native trees, we were introduced to Capomo, a nut that since ancient Mayan times has been ground into flour or roasted to make a naturally caffeine-free drink. Roasted Capomo is our healthy decaf alternative. 


Our promise to you

The Between Friends Roasting Company is the culmination of our coffee adventures.  Hus meticulously roasts each coffee himself. We do our best to invest in organic, fair trade and wild harvest product and promise personal and reliable customer service. We welcome your feedback. Send us a message and count on a reply within one business day.

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