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"I am unable to drink any coffee products due to chronic insomnia (one sip keeps me awake all night).  I read about capomo (a superfood drink that looks, tastes and smells similar to coffee) and found two places online that sell it.  I initially purchased the product from both places to see which was best.  The initial product from 'Between Friends Roasting' was a little too sweet for my taste;  I reordered the product requesting no additional cinnamon be added.  They brewed it just for me per my request and it was perfect  (it brews great in my one cup coffee machine).  It has a superior taste and texture when compared to the other capomo product.  I have already re-ordered and plan to continue buying it from 'Between Friends Roasting' .  I can drink it morning or night without affecting my sleep.  It's easy to brew and simply delicious.  Thank you 'Between Friends Roasting'!"

A. Kropen   Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial: wow - enjoying my first cup of Gato Negro - unbelievable.  I was overwhelmed when I opened the bag by the wonderful aroma and the coffee tastes amazing!  The flavor is so full bodied and no bitterness at all.  I highly recommend this coffee.  I look forward to trying the other roasts. - M. Golinkoff   Bala Cynwyd, PA

Testimonial: Loved spending the morning with you! -J. Frudden  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial: This is coffee for those that strive to be the best people we can be. From the bean, to the packaging, to the service, to the fantastic micro roast flavor--the whole operation is thoughtful, responsible, fun, and darn good. Spread the word people because this is coffee to get excited about. -E. Slade  Phoenix, AZ

Testimonial: We love the coffee and especially the capomo, and we love sharing with friends!  Most of all we love the service!  We needed a gift by 5PM for a holiday dinner; Between Friends was able to roast beans and capomo on the spot and really came through in a crunch.  I highly recommend the product and the people! -B. Margolis  Washington DC

Testimonial: I love the ceremony of coffee, but my body doesn't respond well to Caffeine. Between Friends Roasting CO introduced me to Capomo and I find it delicious. So glad to have this new superfood on my beverage menu. I'm such a friend that I just ordered all the varieties Between Friends Roasting Co has to share with my coffee loving friends. Feels good to support sustainable Fair Trade and Family Businesses.    - T. Kelly  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial: I enjoyed your coffee. My problem is I like it ground finer than it was. In my order I asked for it to be ground one stop coarser than espresso. I was sorry you couldn't accommodate that. -H. Schwartz

Between Friends Response: Happy New Year. Hope all is well. Just wanted to touch base with you to make sure you received a second batch of your order with a more accurate grind. Thank you for notifying us of our mistake and we are sorry if this caused any inconvenience to you. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. All our best! -Hus and Carly

Follow up Testimonial: I'm enjoying them both. Many thanks for your responsiveness. -H. Schwartz Philadelphia, PA

Testimonial: I got my delicious reasonably priced coffee from Between Friends delivered promptly to my doorstep last week and have been enjoying it every morning since!  I think I found my source of socially conscious deliciousness going forward! -D. Kaminski  Brooklyn, NY

Testimonial: Just took a tour of the roasting facility and now enjoying a delicious cup. Better than good to the last drop - B. Beck  Wynwood, PA

Testimonial: Connecting GOOD People To GOOD Coffee, is an understatement about this company. Hus and Carly's love and enthusiasm transfer to whatever and whoever they come in contact with. Whether I am drinking an invigorating super dark roast of coffee that Hus has created to my liking or relaxing to a soothing cup of fresh Capomo, it tastes GREAT! Their business and products are a reflection of who they are.....Thank you Carly and Hus for bringing greatness into my life! -J. Miller  Upper Black Eddy, PA

Testimonial: Made a pot of your coffee this morning. That is the smoothest most clean flavored brew we have ever had. Not a hint of bitterness like most. Takes me back to when mom would make us a cup of hot chocolate when we got back from ice skating on the lake close to our house when we were kids. You hooked another customer. -G. Licklider  Columbia, MO

Testimonial:  Hey! It's great, I brought it with me to PR and enjoyed sipping it on the porch. Between friends was great to work with, too. - C. Taylor  Washington DC